Full Stack Developer


I am or have an interest in becoming a Full Stack developer

I think that Full Cycle, DevOps teams are awesome

Learning something new every day keeps boredom away

Writing tests is fun

Scrum is good, Kanban is better

I love people and want meaningful work relationships

INGENO is a talented group of product creators, assembled from 30 software development Ninjas. They are supported and loved by a team of 10 administrative rockstars.

We are united around a common goal

We create top quality software, inspired by the Clean Code,

Clean Design and Clean Architecture principles.

We rely on real, non-dogmatic TDD where your CI will fail if you do not have 100% test coverage. At INGENO, the test code is as elegant as the application code.

When you push your code to Git, the story will find its way to production automatically in 20 minutes, all without human intervention.

The company advocates a Modern Development Culture, strongly inspired by Netflix, Basecamp and Thoughtworks.


Architecture committees

Project managers

Quality assurance team

Stabilisation phase

At INGENO, the human being is at the center of all our activities. Our values are love, excellence, pride, confidence, and empowerment. We hire the person before her technical abilities. We are interested by your story, by YOU as a person, before analyzing your Github or LinkedIn profile.


We know that “Talented Full Stack Developers” might sound a little bit scary.  It’s really not because we are looking for good, friendly generalists. We are not seeking experts.

At INGENO, you are offered the opportunity to evolve in a multidisciplinary context where you will not be limited to a single “profession”. Depending on your aspirations, interests and skills, you will have the chance to simultaneously contribute to the back-end, front-end, database, QA and operations of your client’s solution. Thus, you will be given the mentored to continuously grow professionally and improve your technical, administrative and social skills, building confidence in having diverse responsibilities.

Strong english proficiency is mandatory for customer interactions. Basic french and a strong interest in using it daily is necessary as all our internal activities are in french.

git blame my-week-at-ingeno.txt

efac795c1 (You  2019-05-13 08:30:52  01) App design, including research, architecture

6a93f8853 (You  2019-05-13 10:15:12  02) Write clean code and tests

b617a05b9 (You  2019-05-13 15:45:34  03) Update ops automation scripts

3f231dd00 (You  2019-05-14 08:05:11  04) DevOps tasks for great INGENO customer

e0449a31e (You  2019-05-14 09:30:16  05) Configure a CI pipeline w/ CircleCI

264c0253d (You  2019-05-14 11:30:55  06) Great tech mini-conf by Nicolas

f149e3416 (You  2019-05-14 13:12:43  07) Deploy new environment to AWS EBS

8da016e44 (You  2019-05-15 08:20:28  08) Propose SOLID, YAGNI, KISS optimization

d5876197d (You  2019-05-15 11:00:02  09) Experiment, learn and collect perf KPIs

ac2b0f603 (You  2019-05-15 12:00:50  10) Corpo lunch with the Ninjas

11b283df7 (You  2019-05-15 13:37:44  11) Code new story in ES2018

e41a6ce8b (You  2019-05-15 15:11:51  12) Test story with Test Café, Mokito and Jest

eae697f52 (You  2019-05-15 16:00:14  13) Improve React-native UX

6335fe908 (You  2019-05-16 08:15:45  14) Code new BRs w/ Firebase Cloud Functions

f1648f3e2 (You  2019-05-16 10:30:57  15) Refactor HA backend with AWS GO Lambdas

cb861a1a2 (You  2019-05-16 11:45:36  16) Optimize perf of JS lambda cold starts

519b4bf7f (You  2019-05-16 13:00:27  17) Choose NoSQL persistence layer

a3413eb28 (You  2019-05-16 13:30:35  18) MongoDb, Firestore, ElasticSearch benchmarks

7e98c5e8f (You  2019-05-17 08:10:51  19) Promote simpler ACID option with Aurora

ada0eecef (You  2019-05-17 14:20:41  20) Prototype Fargate for Docker infra

4631c08a2 (You  2019-05-17 17:00:30  21) Board games night

If you have good skills and strong interests in many of the following, we’d like to meet you!

ES2018, Java, C#, Go, Python, Kotlin, SQL, NoSQL, HTML5, CSS3, Spring, NodeJS, Linux scripting and architecture, AWS, GCP, REACT, REACT-NATIVE, Firebase

There are still some places available on our bus…→ JOBS@INGENO.CA

There are still some places available on our bus…→ JOBS@INGENO.CA